Got worries about lost cell phone?

by Don Lee on

Got worries about lost cell phone

On the rush hour to office crowd packing you tight with no more good oxygen to go and a better relief that you have reached your destination to go. Suddenly you find that you have lost your cell phone and need to handy orten blog here is the tips to locate them correctly.

  • Call your number which is activated on the cell phone immediately after finding that it has been lost. You can make a call from others mobile too.
  • You can try texting your mobile phone because sometimes it may fall in a crowded area or somewhere so better idea is to text your number saying that is your handset and you have lost it.
  • Try to check the places you visited and ask some good persons around that area for any information regarding your lost phone

If none of these options work out immediately call your cell phone service provider and ask them to block your number as soon as possible.

Android phone

  • If your phone is an android phone then you can find it easily by following these steps
  • Sign in to your google account and Google’s device manager will easily detect your phone’s location when it is turned on. From there you can analyze that where you have lost your phone.
  • You can check with places you visited last in history section too.

Got worries about lost cell phone

Locating Apple phone

Same as android log into your apple account which is iPhone account and searches for phone’s location and finds where it is.If you know that your phone is stolen then after signing into your cloud account you must delete all the pictures and other documents in your phone so that it cannot be misused by some strangers.It is a better precaution to be safe and keep your phone along with you while traveling distances.

Written by: Don Lee

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