My personal experience with Reiker shoes

by Don Lee on

During rieker shoes sale, I purchased them during the time of Christmas and went on to wear it all over the house. I wear it around size 12 wide, but they are comfortable. Indeed, I was happy to come across the size 44, as most of the European companies end their size at 42. You are bound to fall in love with this pair of boots, and they might run a bit big and does make you feel warm from the inside. Some customers are not happy in terms of the fact that the color which is replicated in the online platform does not go on to match in real. This has come more with the color of red as they look more in orange and in wine color. In the midst of all this, they do look good with your dresses along with leggings. They are comfortable, but you can go on to give them the name of walking shoes as well. The details are cute and you can wear it for your professional and personal life as well.

My personal experience with Reiker shoes

You are bound to fall in love with this pair of shoes, as they are cute and the zipper is indeed adorable. The best part is that it is playful and unique at the same time. The difficulty is that the toe box is square in shape and the leather does not lie flat between the laces and this is at the base of the tongue. It does look a bit weird and for the price that you are going to pay you would need something better for sure. It is suggested that you check your size charts so that you get hold of the correct pair of shoes, otherwise, it becomes a tough task.

Written by: Don Lee

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